To attention of the Director!

We are representing you a new fitness system NEWBODY® aimed to improve body shape and health of Your clients. The unified approach to each person aged from 14 up to 60 reveals prompt and stable result.

Franchise of the fitness system “NEWBODY®

Why this offer is of a great interest?

If you want to invest into promising projects in demand then NEWBODY® is a reliable capital investment for You!

Classy, small, cozy clubs or separate gyms for New Body trainings would provide clients with desirable results of training process and personal attention.

Personal training- is always useful if there is a qualified instructor. What about individual attention, individual training programs in big groups consisting of about 20 people?

Within the technique of NEWBODY® every demand is possible to fulfill!

Accepting our offer, You receive a warranty for having no competitive clubs providing our technique within a radius of 2-3 km. Today, already 4 fitness clubs in Ukraine, at Kharkov City are successfully working according to this New Body technique.

NEWBODY®- is a complex technique aimed not only to improve the body shape, but to make the whole organism healthier. Our purpose is to provide with desirable results, health, attention and individual approach to everybody. Happy clients become regular customers of Your fitness club.

Training process is started with the health condition analysis of the client. If no contraindications or restrictions (there is quite a small number of them) were found, then the client can start training. Trainings are accompanied with video programs prepared by specialists of the Federation. On the screen two instructors are performing exercises for trainees taking into consideration different levels of physical preparation within various constitutional types (figures). Instructor in the class is monitoring ways of exercises` execution, pulse behavior and make individual programs for trainings in accordance with the received test results.

There are no jumps and steps among training programs. These are functional strength trainings within the application of minor fitness equipment. Each exercise possesses three motion regimes so that several muscle groups can be worked out simultaneously. Besides for each motion the instructor on the screen performs exercises without stress for spine. That provides ability for more people to train simultaneously according to the individual and efficient programs.

About the testing procedure at NEWBODY®.

In order to prepare the most accurate training programs the technique includes anthropometric testing.

The anthropometric testing is carried out within the special equipment. The results are studied with help of licensed software program.

This testing helps to distinguish the ratio between fatty and muscle tissues; to identify excess amount of subcutaneous fat; to provide constant control of measured parameters of the body which are changing during regular trainings.

The point is, that we care not only about beautiful appearance but first of all about health.

Due to the testing carried out in accordance with the technique NEWBODY® you would find out:

  • · Water-ratio of the body;
  • · Percentage of visceral fat;
  • · Index of basal metabolism (IBM);
  • · Biological age;
  • · Percentage of bone mass;
  • · Percentage of muscle mass;
  • · General assessment of Your physical type.

Using the licensed software program of NEWBODY® the instructor is getting testing results and recommendations necessary for preparation of the individual training program.

Also within the licensed software program of NEWBODY® the instructor is giving individual recommendations on principles of nourishment, the amount of necessary products for the training days and days free from trainings.

In order to obtain prompt results it is recommended to combine trainings with massage according to the technique NEWBODY®.

Franchising proposition

The owner of the technique NEWBODY® is looking for the master – franchisee for development of this promising technique and getting profit of it.

Franchisor is providing:

  • · The right on usage of the trade mark NEWBODY®;
  • · Personnel education;
  • · Experience in the field of health-improving fitness;
  • · Support in planning and opening of a club;
  • · Absence of competitors within a radius of 3 km.

Criteria of choosing a partner:

  • · Experience in entrepreneurship;
  • · Available team for opening business;
  • · Abilities and knowledge for self-positioning and development of the project.


The idea has appeared and for the first time this concept was grounded and implemented in Kharkov City (Ukraine).

Public organization “Federation New Body” is occupied with study of available and new fitness techniques. There are so many of them, so that they can be divided into:

  • · Techniques consisting of dance elements (Aerobics, Eurhythmics, Jazz- gymnastics and oth.);
  • · Types of training aimed to improve the body shape or mainly to develop particular body functions (Athletic gymnastics, Shaping, Callanetics, Pilates, Stretching);
  • · Types of gymnastics developed on the base of oriental philosophical systems (Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, etc).

The Federation has chosen second group of fitness trainings and continued experimental observations, analysis, scientific investigations of training influence on a human body. Nowadays we are sure, that the new technique NEWBODY® , comprising several motion regimes of each exercise (which is not available among other types of trainings), is efficient enough for body improvement and useful for health of any adult aged from 14 to 60.


The President of the Federation New Body – Yuliya Vasilyevna

+38 057 751 1219, +38 096 546 7070

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Оздоровительный, спортивный, антицеллюлитный, косметологический и  другие виды массажа .

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